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P2P by Gen-Tec - Gentec Power 2 Perform - 900g (30 Serves) Wild Blueberry

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P2P by Gen-Tec - Gentec Power 2 Perform - 900g (30 Serves) Wild Blueberry

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Key Benefits

  • Powerful Intra-Workout Supplement

  • Increase muscle pump

  • Increase lean muscle mass

  • Creates an anabolic environment

Gen-Tec Nutrition's P2P (Power to Perform) is an advanced workout formula designed for bodybuilders and strength training athlete's.The synergistic blend of Creatine Monohydrate, Amino Acids and Carbohydrates is ideal for individuals with a goal of increased strength and lean muscle mass.

Studies show that a combination of Carbohydrates and Amino Acids assist in the reduction of oxidative stress when consumed during exercise also. Consuming P2P during exercise supplies the working muscles with all of the essential nutrients at this crucial time to maximise your potential and give you the Power to Perform.

GEN-TEC P2P supplies working muscles with all of the essential nutrients they require during exercise to assist with increased performance and endurance. The amino acids in GEN-TEC P2P assist with increased anaerobic performance, while the carbohydrates assist with aerobic performance, allowing you to perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time. By exercising with more intensity for a longer period of time, you will burn more calories and stimulate more muscle growth. Combined with a sensible dieting and training routine, GEN-TEC P2P will therefore increase your performance, help you increase muscle mass and decrease body fat.

You should take GEN-TEC P2P during your workout. Mix up GEN-TEC P2P with water in a MassiveJoes shaker immediately before training. For men over 80kg, MassiveJoes suggests mixing 2 scoops, for men and women under 80kg, MassiveJoes suggests mixing 1 scoop. Mix GEN-TEC P2P with enough water to get your desired taste and level of sweetness. Then head to the weights or cardio room and get your workout started. Start sipping GEN-TEC P2P as soon as you get started, and sip it at frequent intervals until it is all gone. MassiveJoe suggests finishing the entire shaker of GEN-TEC P2P about 3 quarters into your workout - this will ensure that your muscles are flooded with GEN-TEC P2P right up until the end of your workout.

GEN-TEC P2P goes to work right away, so you will notice the effects of this supplement during your very first workout. You will experience increased muscle endurance and feel like you can workout at a heightened intensity for longer. You will then notice that your muscles are not as sore as they usually are after your workout. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, the physique altering effects of GEN-TEC P2P will start to take place within the first 3 to 4 weeks of use. You will continue to experience physique changing results indefinitely, provided you stick to your dieting and training regime.

Additional Information

Flavour Wild Blueberry
Brands Gen-Tec Nutrition
Size 900g