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Whey Protein Isolate by BSc Body Science WPI- 900g (30 Serves) Vanilla Coconut

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Whey Protein Isolate by BSc Body Science WPI- 900g (30 Serves) Vanilla Coconut

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Key Benefits

  • High Protein / Low Carbohydrate / Low Fat

  • 5 Grams Of BCAA’S per serve

  • Instantized for Easy Mixing

Body Science have gone Back to the Drawing Board and have Produced a product that will appeal to any Individual who is looking for an amazingly Clean and Effective Whey Protein Isolate. The First reason BSC WPI is a fantastic Option is what’s not contained in it. With no Thickeners, Preservatives, unnatural Sugars or added Fats it truly is a Clean Protein in every sense. Then there is What is contained in it. Strongbody WPI will Yield Amazing Results for Consumers while also giving them piece of mind that they are getting the Cleanest Whey Protein Isolate available without any hidden nasty’s.

Containing a Whopping 26.9 Grams of Protein per serve with only 0.5 grams of Fat and a miniscule 1.5 Grams of Carbohydrates and a low 113 Calories per serve. BSC WPI also contains all the other essentials you would expect in a top quality Protein to keep you at your peak. With 4 Grams of Glutamine and Precursors and 5 Grams of BCAA’S recovery times will be slashed and Quality Lean Muscle Mass Grown. Strongbody WPI contains just 3% Lactose and can be consumed by most who are Lactose intolerant as this is generally not enough Lactose to Trigger Symptoms while also being Suitable for those who are Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians.

The taste and Mixability of Strongbody WPI is unbelievable. Containing Natural Stevia it passes the Taste Test and as this Product is Instantized Mixing is a Breeze. Enjoy a new breed of pure, clean performance proteins.

What is Bsc Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey Protein Isolate originally comes from cow’s milk, and is a rich source of the body’s essential amino acids. Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate together are efficiently digested and absorbed and represent the most nutritious protein available post workout or as nutrient rich snack. The fact is that proteins are the building blocks for life, and WPI is a very efficient way to increase your daily intake of quality protein. Not only do we provide quality protein sources, but the combination of digestive enzymes and key amino acids such as glutamine only further progress WPI as the most complete and sustainable whey protein formula.

How does Bsc Whey Protein Isolate work?

Bsc Whey Protein Isolate works by increasing your Protein Intake. Being Low Carbohydrate and Low Fat it is your perfect - fast absorbed - low calorie protein drink best consumed immediately after exercise. In doing so it aids in muscle recovery and replenishment of lost glycogen stores.

Additional serves can be consumed during the day to not only increase overall daily protein consumption but to aid in general health along with numerous other health benefits.

What are the Benefits of taking Bsc Whey Protein Isolate?

  • Environmentally Responsible Whey Protein Isolate / Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Weight Control Whey Protein Isolate/s
  • High Protein / Low Carbohydrate / Low Fat
  • No Artificial Sweetener / No Artificial Colours / No Artificial Flavours
  • Clean Protein Sources / Gluten Free / GMO Free
  • 5 Grams Of BCAA’S per serve
  • Instantized for Easy Mixing

Additional Information

Flavour Vanilla Coconut
Brands Body Science-BSC
Size 900g